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AArya Ayurved    01-Aug-2020
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All patients are assured of the best service and thorough attention is paid to hygiene. At Aarya Ayurved, focus is on authentic Ayurved rather than just wellness.
Services offered at Aarya Ayurved include Agnikarma chikitsa (cauterization) for skin tag, corn, callus with no recurrence. Acharya Sushrut has said that Agni is better than kshara in action of burning. It is said so, because diseases treated by Agnikarma will not recur and also because those diseases which are incurable by the use of medicines, sharp instruments, and kshara will be cured by Agnikarma. And here at Aarya Ayurved, Agnikarma chikitsa is done.
Authentic Ayurved treatment for all diseases and lifestyle disorders.
Shodhan (Panchkarma) and Shaman chikitsa.
Aarya Ayurved Clinic is located at 82, Bandu Soni Layout, Sambhaji Nagar, Nagpur.