Ayurvedic approach to corona virus

AArya Ayurved    05-Aug-2020
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Outbreaks, epidemics, and pandemics were very well known to the ayurvedic vaidyas. Acharya Charak has clearly described both epidemics and pandemics with preventive measures.
Ayurvedic approach to corona virus
All pandemics spread via one of the following four factors, all of which are capable of affecting the mass population. These factors are Vayu, Jala, desh, and Kala (atmosphere, water, land, and season). More specifically, pandemics were observed to be transmitted by any of the following modes-
Close interaction physically, physical contact with diseased, inhalation of infected respiratory droplets, sharing food, sleeping together, sitting close together, sharing the same clothing.
Predominantly Kapha with vata, and secondarily pitta are affected. Manifests in the upper body primarily in Kapha regions such as lungs, sinuses, stomach, heart, joints.
1. To reduce the aggravated and accumulated Vata and Kapha.
2. To optimize Agni-digestive fire.
3. To purify rasavaha srotas and unblock pranavaha srotas (circulatory system and respiratory system respectively).
The intended purpose of covid-19 treatment and prevention is to enhance the human immune system.
Aarya Ayurved provides treatment and prevention for this pandemic.