Agnikarma Chikitsa

AArya Ayurved    02-Aug-2020
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Acharya Sushrut has described the effectiveness of Agnikarma for various disorders. These include musculoskeletal disorders such as osteoarthritis, sciatica, frozen shoulder etc. and skin tags, corns, calluses etc. Musculoskeletal disorders can lead to psychological distress and affect the quality of life. Agnikarma provides quick relief without side effects. Skin tags, corns and calluses once removed by agnikarma, do not recur.
Agnikarma at Aarya Ayurved is done with a shalaka(metallic instrument). The heated tip of the shalaka is applied to the affected area followed by the application of cold dravya. After the procedure, patients can carry on with their daily activities. Follow up treatment may be required depending on the condition.
Agnikarma if carried out improperly can cause complications. Hence it should always be carried out under a trained ayurved vaidya.